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Fun Things That I've Bought Recently!

Posted by Julie Beam on

Recently I've bought just a few things that I love!  

1. First it all started when I started watching the Series The Summer I Turned Pretty on Amazon Prime. I was hooked, so then I had to read the other books in the series. It didn't take long, and it was an enjoyable read for the summer. I would highly recommend if you are a a former Dawson Creek, One Tree Hill, or Hallmark type of person. You can find all three books in the series here:
You can also get a free trial of amazon prime video (in case you want to watch the series!):


2. This travel water bowl. We have three big dogs and keeping a enough water for them all can be challenging. We usually end up with water bottles everywhere for them. I really liked this one, because we put it on the floor of the car and they can access it at any time! Note: We don't leave this in the car, it comes out after every trip and is refilled with fresh water for our next trip. But its awesome! You can find it here: